Designing spaces that look and feel great, function properly and nurture wellbeing.

The services on offer range in terms of complexity, depending on your needs and budget. Whichever you opt for, following are some of the benefits you can expect to experience through working with me: Interior Design

  • A cohesive aesthetic that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. ign
  • A strong focus on eco-friendly products.
  • A space that now meets your needs, having redressed any ‘problem areas’, and is equally functional and stylish.
  • (If desired) a subtle weaving of sacred space principles into room layout, colour choice and selection of art and accessories. This would be accompanied with an explanation as to what is employed and why. Plus  guidelines will be provided on how to apply simple, spiritual practices to maintain a high energetic vibration in your home.
  • A space that truly feels like home, and nurtures your wellbeing on all levels.

Choose from the following: Interior Design

Pick My Brain session – Receive advice, tips, guidelines and recommendations on whatever you need: colour choice, furniture layout, lighting, solutions to non-functional ‘problem’ areas etc. More information here.

Room Design (for single or multiple rooms) – Provide a brief on what changes you want to make to your space and receive design concepts, a layout plan and suggested shopping list. More information here.

Room Design & Delivery (for single or multiple rooms) – This is a full project management service, whereby you can relax and allow me to complete all the follow-through work. You can relax and allow me to handle dealing with contractors (painting, flooring, electrics etc), sourcing all furnishings and accessories, and complete installation. (This service is not available on a virtual basis.)

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