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Develop your own daily meditation practice within four weeks, even if you’re a complete beginner, are super-busy and your mind won’t stay still.

This online meditation course is designed for complete beginners. It’s also suitable for people who have tried meditation in the past, but haven’t managed to make it a daily practice.

We experience the benefits of meditation most effectively when we integrate it into our daily routines, and this course is designed to support you with that.

This course is set up in such a way as to work for busy people, even if they can only find five minutes to meditate – because every five minutes counts. Over time, all sorts of benefits will accrue, improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

And all from just taking a little bit of time to yourself every day.

Meditation can be an easy and effortless practice. Let me show you how.

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Following are some of the scientifically proven effects meditation has on our health:

  • effective antidote to stress
  • improves immunity
  • normalises high blood pressure
  • improves ability to manage symptoms associated with many chronic illnesses
  • improves sleep patterns
  • helps to counteract anxiety

“I found Hilda’s online meditation course manageable, interesting and well-organised. I had struggled to meditate properly in the past and had lots of questions. Hilda made it so easy to understand. The fact that you don’t have to leave the house makes it suitable for busy bees  like myself; add to that the fact that Hilda has designed each video and audio to be short and concise so as to ensure ease of use, and it’s a total winner. Now, I’m working on doing it myself everyday and still feel the support as I hear Hilda’s direction on the downloaded audios.” ~ June,  Ireland

Here’s what you get during this programme:

  • 28 daily emails containing short videos
  • 4 simple primary meditation techniques
  • 5 complimentary practices
  • 19 hints & tips
  • downloadable audios

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“This was a beautifully simple introduction to meditation, an encouragement to build a practice into your every day, so it became everyday.

I would really recommend this course if you want to give meditation a try, but aren’t sure where to start, and would appreciate some nudges and reminders to build meditation into your life in a way that will work for you.” ~ Joanna Paterson, West Lothian, Scotland

How it works:

Sign up to receive daily emails from me, over 28 consecutive days.

In each email I will provide a short video in which I will do one of two things:

1) provide brief and easy instructions on how to practice a particular meditation technique


2) provide a tip around practicing meditation effectively and integrating it into your daily routine.

You will also receive a link to a downloadable audio to guide you in practicing these meditations. Available in various time lengths, choose the option that suits your schedule on a day by day basis. And you get to download and keep them all for future reference.

“I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the course. I found it very beneficial. I thought your videos were great, informative, simple and to the point. I think it was good to keep them short as I  took it all in without losing concentration. (I find it hard to focus on things for long periods – something I’m hoping the meditation will help me with.) I will try to keep it up everyday because I  definitely felt the benefits and I noticed the difference when I wasn’t making the time.  ~ Natasha Troy, Ireland

Meditation does not have to be a difficult practice. Trained by the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing, I specialise in demystifying meditation and helping people to integrate it into their everyday lives.

Important: This programme does not provide you with medical or other professional counselling advice and is not intended as a substitute for the advice and/or supervision of professional services or support you may need. Please consult your doctor before starting if you are experiencing severe mental health issues or brain-related conditions.

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