Hilda CarrollI am certified as a meditation teacher (2009), life coach (2006) and interior designer (2018).  Hilda Carroll

If you’ve landed here via The Happiness Business, allow me to explain….I was trading under that name for many years, as a life coach and meditation instructor. About to graduate in interior design (May 2018), I am extending the scope of my services and have changed the name to Everyday Sanctuary, to reflect that.

I believe that we all need to have our own sanctuary, wherever we are, and I can help you to create physical and spiritual space to support your wellbeing—even when money is tight. And so that is what I do now – I help people to create true sanctuary in their lives, either through spiritual practices, interior design, or (best of all) a combination of both.

I can also help you to sell your home, enabling you to move on to a new sanctuary. To accomplish this, I combine practical “styling to sell” strategies with rebalancing the energy of your home (and yourself) so that it draws in a perfect new owner (and you are also ready to truly let go and move on).

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