Hilda Carroll

Hilda Carroll

My philosophy: The key to optimum wellbeing is designing both a life and a home that you don’t need to escape from in order to recharge. Instead, create a lifestyle that integrates wellbeing practices and create a home that supports you in maintaining this balanced lifestyle.

I think the home-making urge was in me from my early teens. But it really came to the fore when I bought my own little ex-council house in the early noughties. My friends encouraged me to train in interior design at the time, but I wasn’t up for it. I had recently completed training in life coaching and I thought I was done with further education.

I know myself better now and realise I will probably never stop learning new skills. Since then, I went on to train as a meditation teacher and in 2018 I did train in interior design.

I’m not the most conventional interior designer though. I’m not aiming for the magazine cover look. I want our homes to support our wellbeing. For that to happen, our homes need to feel good and function well. I want for our homes to give us a hug when we walk through the door, and to always be a place we want to return to. The energy of a space matters more to me than how it looks.

Don’t get me wrong, I do want my own, and client’s homes to look good too. How they look also plays a part in supporting our wellbeing—but only if we can make them look good in an easily sustainable way. If keeping our homes looking great becomes high-maintenance, then it becomes a chore and a drain on our energy.

I’m also very mindful of the wellbeing of our beautiful planet, and I’m not keen on fast furniture or home décor designed to be replaced in a few short years.

All of the services I offer boil down to self-care and wellbeing really, which has come as something of a surprise to me. I grew up spiritually sceptical and prone to anxiety and stress. I was prone to a various of physical ailments which were all rooted in that stress, and my idea of managing them was to take a pill or apply some ointment. Not anymore!

If you had told me anytime up to fifteen years ago that I would become a daily meditator I would have laughed in dismissive belief. But here I am, not only a meditator but certified to teach it since 2009.

And my passion now is to help people to create true sanctuary in their everyday lives, by combining self-care practices with home-care practices.

I believe we don’t need to own our homes to set them up as nurturing sanctuaries. I sold that little house back in 2006 and I’ve been a serial renter ever since. That doesn’t stop me from making a place my own, and I take such good care of where I live that my landlords have always been sorry to see me go.

In setting up our homes to be true sanctuaries, the most important thing is to have a mindful approach to how we organise, decorate and maintain them.

So, when it comes to interior design, my intention is make the process affordable, holistic and sustainable. Wellbeing matters as much as style.

I want to help you solve problems and create a functioning and soothing sanctuary without breaking the bank.

I focus on:

  • Making the most of, and improving, the space and furniture that you already have.
  • Planning for living with, and loving, any new furnishings for a long time to come.
  • Sourcing second-hand as much as possible.
  • Sourcing genuinely ethical and sustainable products when buying new.

And when it comes to meditation, I focus on dispelling the myths and making it accessible.

The benefits to meditation are many and varied, and well documented. However, to truly experience and sustain them, the key is to have a regular practice rather than an ad hoc one. I am here to help with that, if it’s something you want to build into your daily routine.

I write on both topics, plus self-care in general, here on my blog. And you’ll also find me published on: