decluttering challengeThe first phase in transforming our homes into true sanctuaries is cleaning and decluttering.  To clear out the excess “things” in our lives, converting our physical environments into spaces that are calming to our nervous systems. decluttering challenge

Decluttering also has a magical, alchemical affect on our emotional wellbeing too.

decluttering challengeAs we let go of our stuff, we also begin to release long-held grief, anger and other difficult emotions that are subconsciously associated with these things. And when we release these suppressed emotions, we open up to receive more peace, joy and delightful experiences into our lives.

As many people find the thought of decluttering overwhelming, let alone the process, I’ve created a 30 day challenge delivered via email. Once subscribed you’ll get a daily email prompting you to tackle a particular area of your home. With just over four weeks to clear out your stuff, you can approach your decluttering in small, manageable chunks of time. decluttering challenge

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