A 6 Week (possibly longer) LIVE Online Programme

(Pilot Programme)

Whether we own or rent, the place where we live is the place where we rest and rejuvenate our bodies and minds. It’s where we retreat from the outside world and come home to our spirits.

To support us is living our best lives, our homes deserve attention and support from us too. It is a symbiotic relationship, and when we love our homes and create a high vibration within them, our homes evolve into true sanctuaries that support our own wellbeing on every level.

I am creating a course, to be delivered over five to seven weeks, via a combination of email, Facebook livestream (available for viewing afterwards) and a private Facebook group for Q&A, which will explore why and how to treat your home as a sacred space.

Below is an outline of what will be addressed each week. However, as I am writing up the material, it’s becoming clear that it will take at least six weeks (and possibly seven or eight) to deliver it in full. Because of this I have decided to drop the planned price of €47 to just €27, with two requests of anyone wishing to join up:

  1. Be willing to stick with it for an extra two (or three) weeks, if this is needed to deliver the programme in full.
  2. Be willing to provide clear and constructive feedback on the course material and delivery that I can use to tweak the final content and format before launching at the full price (which will be €47 – €77, depending on how the final material and course-length evolves).

Week 1: Clear out the Low Vibrations in your Home 

This week we start to lay the groundwork. Before we can raise the vibration of our homes, we need to deal with denser, stagnant energy.

Handy Hint: this week’s activities will include decluttering, but won’t stop there. However, as decluttering tends to be an ongoing process that most find difficult to “blitz” through in a few days, I recommend signing up for my free 30 day decluttering challenge now, and getting a head-start on this process.

Week 2: Raise your own Vibration 

Our homes are containers for our own energy. And in so much as the vibration of our homes affect our energies, the opposite is also true. So a good starting point, and important ongoing matter, is the raising of our own personal energetic vibration. This week, we will explore a number of ways of doing this.

Week 3: Raising the Vibration in your Home  

This week we will look at different practices for the creation of sacred space, with the aim of purifying our space and imbuing a sense of harmony into the atmosphere of our homes.

Week 4: Crucial Areas to Prioritise and Maintain  

Following on from Week 3’s content, we will go into more depth around four key areas in our home.

Weeks 5 – 7: A Home that Makes your Heart Sing: Aesthetics & Interior Design  

During the final week we will explore the elements and principles of interior design and how to apply them to our homes – without spending a small fortune – to create a space that visually reflects our own personalities, tastes and lifestyles.

Week 6/7/8: Bonus Facebook Livestream

The week after I finish delivering the material via email, I will hold an extra live chat in the Facebook forum, to both celebrate the work you’ve done with your home over the course of this journey together – and to address any last questions that may crop up for you.

If you can’t make this (or any) livestream, you’ll have the opportunity to post questions or comments ahead of time and I will address them during the chat, and you can catch up with the video later.


The Logistics

Beginning on Monday, July 9th, the topic for the week will be addressed via email – one on Monday mornings and one on Thursday mornings.

On Wednesday evenings, at 7pm GMT, I will do a Facebook Live in the private group, addressing people’s questions on the topics. Questions can be posted ahead of time, or live during the discussion, and a replay will be available afterwards.

The Facebook group will also be a forum for continuous support over the course of the programme.

Course Fee: €27 (approx £23 / US$31)

Click here to enroll.