house hunting

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

House hunting is time-consuming. And even more so, if you’re looking for a property on the other side of the country!

Are you based in the greater Dublin area and looking to make a move to the west?

Could you do with some feet on the ground to help line-up (and rule-out) suitable (and unsuitable) properties before you make the trip to view them in-person yourself?

Ten years ago I made that move. And finding my new home from a base in Dublin wasn’t easy. I can help make it much easier for you.

Many buyers rule out properties based on the online photographs. This can be such a wasted opportunity. You can’t really tell until you step into the space, because:

Many sellers don’t appreciate the value of presenting their property in the best light, and the importance of quality photos.

Many estate agents are too lazy to ensure that the best possible photos are taken, to show off the property’s best potential.

Many buyers can’t see through the current owner’s stuff, to visualise themselves living in the space. Or they can’t visualise the potential for the property, when the right owners choose to take proper care of it.

I can see through all of these issues, and help you avoid missing out on the perfect new home. And I can help maximise the time you do spend viewing properties in person.

I can help with:

Making connections with local estate agents.

Searching for suitable properties, both online and through contacts.

Vetting those properties in-person, compiling a shortlist, and setting up appointments – so you can spend your visits west only looking at those most likely to fit the bill for you.

If you’d like to explore whether this house hunting service might be right for you, get in touch to set up a complementary consultation. Email me on