Dining room perspective drawing

“I found the online process seamless – never once did I feel that I would have got a better result if we had done this face to face. A great experience all around.”

The Room Design service provides the following:
  • A concept board, including colour palette, to reflect the overall effect of the finished design.
  • Scaled floorplan with suggested layout.
  • Final design in 2D (with option to upgrade to 3D)
  • Guidelines on how to implement the design.

“I would highly recommend working with Hilda. I had been struggling with the design of my living room for some time now, it just wasn’t working for me and I couldn’t figure out why.

Hilda quickly grasped what I wanted the room to convey and made some amazing suggestions that I can see will totally transform it. She showed me how even small changes could give me some of the impact I was hoping for, which means I can gradually implement her design ideas rather than having to do it all in one go.” ~ Ingrid Seim, Cork, Ireland

The Process:
  1. Completion of questionnaire by you in advance of our meeting.
  2. Meeting (in-person or online) to take the brief on the project and clarify details provided in the questionnaire.

In person: I will also take photos and measure up the space. (Please note, depending on your location an additional fee to cover travel time and expenses may apply.)

Online: you will need to send me on the photos and room measurements.

  1. You provide inspiration images. These can be in the form of a Pinterest/Houzz board or a physical scrapbook.
  2. I will provide an initial design concept. One revision may be applied.
  3. I will then provide you with a scaled floor plan outlining a suggested layout. One round of revisions may be applied to this plan.
  4. The finished design will be provided.
  5. As an optional extra, you may receive a suggested shopping list of suppliers.*
* When providing a shopping list, I will prioritise the following:
  • Vintage and other second-hand resources
  • Genuinely sustainably-produced pieces (when new)
  • Stores and marketplaces local to you, as much as possible

“The list of shopping resources is really helpful, and was far more extensive than I anticipated.  I suspect it is something that I’ll find myself coming back to again and again!  I really appreciate your commitment to sustainability, using existing resources, as well as your great work identifying local places I could find the types of things I wanted to source.” ~ Maeve L, Ireland

room design service

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