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I’m a day late with my first One Room Challenge progress report and there’s a very good reason for that: I had nothing done by yesterday!

Well, to be fair to me, I did only decide on Sunday evening to jump into this challenge so I didn’t have a full week. I did have three days though…and I made a start on my mood board and thought about the wall I needed to give the third coat of paint to.

Today though, I’ve been super productive. The mood board is finished and the wall is painted. Go me! I’m so thankful I decided to join in because, if I hadn’t, the whole lockdown come have come and gone and these paint jobs would remain on my mental to-do list.

One Room Challenge bedroom moodboard

Undone tasks are a form of clutter. They’re mental clutter – they take up space in our heads and thinking about having to do them can drag our energy down. And I’m always banging on about decluttering. So now that my home is spring-cleaned and physical clutter is waiting to go to the charity shops when they re-open, thanks to this challenge I’m starting to tick off the mental decluttering jobs.

Next up in this bedroom is to paint the door and skirting boards. Even though it’ll mean more prep work taping-off, I’ve decided on the grey gloss over the pink wall emulsion. (See this post for background.)

one room challenge paint

And it’s just as well I’d settled on that route as it’s now crystal clear that there isn’t enough left in the tin to do radiator, door and skirtings. The radiator will be pink though!

Anway, the plan for this time next week is to be happily reporting that the door and skirtings are done. Maybe the radiator, too!

Maybe. No promises.

Although it isn’t a rule for the challenge, I’m imposing an additional restriction on myself, which is no shopping online unless by Week 8 all other avenues are exhausted.

This is my usual approach to updating my home, and not because of the lockdown restrictions. It is the more sustainable (not to mention thrifty) plan and it goes in this order:

  1. Shop my home – is there something I can repurpose instead of acquiring something new? In a small home (and mine is small) this is also sensible. The more pieces you bring in to your home, the more cramped it’s going to feel. So always try to resolve the dilemma without adding more things to your home, if it’s at all possible.
  2. Shop the circular economy – buy second hand and even source pieces from local freecycle groups. This helps the budget as well as keeping pieces out of landfill.
  3. Shop local – if buying new is looking like the way you’ll have to go, then start with independent local retailers. Now, you may not be able to source what you want and need locally, or you may not be able to afford it from your local suppliers either. But start by looking there before hitting the Big Box or online stores. The benefit of applying steps 1 and 2 above first is that you may be able to better afford quality-made items made and sold locally.
  4. Do your best with all of the above, and also with the means available to you. But be reasonable with yourself too. To complete your room makeover you may need to source items non-locally. You may need to go the flat-pack route. Don’t beat yourself up about this – it isn’t easy to do it all sustainably. In fact, it requires a lot of patience and sometimes more expense. We all deserve homes that make our hearts sing – allow yourself to create that. Just be as mindful about it as you your circumstances allow.

Are you making updates in your home right now? If so and you’d like some tips, I’m offering online Pick my Brain sessions all month long. The usual fee doesn’t apply. Instead pay what you want by way of donation to Women’s Aid. If you’re interested, read more about it here.

Getting back to my own room update, here’s a summary of my plan of action:

  • Paint the third coat on the wall facing my bed.
  • Paint the door, skirting and architrave – pale grey.
  • Paint the radiator – that will be the same as the wall.
  • Makeover the vintage wardrobe, which I love. But I don’t love the dark stain a previous owner gave it. My plan is to sand it back to it’s original finish, if I can, and oil. If that doesn’t turn out too well, Plan B is to paint it grey, with gold on the door inserts.
  • Paint the mirror gold.
  • Add some artwork to the walls.
  • Change up the curtains.
  • Swap the bedside rugs for a large area rug.
  • Change up the bedside lamps.
  • Other finishing touches – yet to be decided.

For inspiration from others taking part in the one room challenge, follow
#bhgorc on Instagram and the blog posts on the official site here. If you do you’ll spot that everyone else is posting Week 2 updates…I jumped in late and so I’m a week behind everyone else. But then many people have some serious grafting to do compared to my cosmetic projects. So I think I’ll catch up. 😉

Please check back in here next week to see how I’m getting on.

Thanks for reading!

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