I’m taking part in the One Room Challenge Spring 2020, as there’s a number of jobs outstanding in my bedroom.

The focus this week was on painting (and there’s more to come). Despite a change of plan that delayed proceedings, I’m happy to report mission accomplished on the two tasks I’d set myself for this week:

  • Paint the radiator to blend with the wall.
  • Paint the door, architrave and skirting boards.

I’m really pleased with the end result for both, although I did have a mishap with the wall paint when removing the masking tape in some places. I need to give a big shout out to Roisin Murphy, whose colour palette in last week’s Home Rescue inspired my change of heart.

Initially I was mulling between the same pink as the walls, or a light grey— both paints available to me without going shopping. And I had settled on the grey. But then the charcoal accents in Roisin’s pink living room called so loudly to me, I had a rethink. I felt the charcoal might be a tad too dramatic for the bedroom, but it inspired me to be bolder in my choice. Given the pink/green/purple palette, I had a newly-formed hankering for a green-grey door and trims.

One Room Challenge Wild Eden by Dulux

This meant a delay though, as I didn’t have that in the house. And the DIY stores in Ireland didn’t reopen until Monday. But I found exactly what I was looking for—“Wild Eden” by Dulux. The lady in the paint shop advised me against the quick dry paint, in case the satin finish I’d be covering might be oil-based rather than water-based. Impatient to wait longer than I needed to between coats, I chanced it. Bad decision! Even with sanding the quick-dry paint didn’t go on easily and it took four coats to get the coverage just right.

One Room Challenge painted door

I started on Monday and finished this morning (Thursday). Always listen to the experts, folks!

One Room Challenge pink radiator

The radiator was a much easier job, far easier than I’d anticipated. I had fully intended to sand it, but then didn’t. (Are we sensing a theme here? If I were hiring a painter and decorator, I’d be insisting on perfection. But I’m a lazy painter when I have to do it myself.) Despite that it went on fairly well. It did need three coats, whereas with sanding two might have done it. But in this instance the lazy route did save time, methinks.

The other thing that I was fully intending to do was seal the radiator afterwards, to protect the paint from chipping. But I’m now resistant to doing that. This time it’s not about laziness. I’m loving the mat effect of the wall emulsion on the radiator. If I seal it, it will have a sheen which will draw attention to it—which kind of defeats the purpose of the blending mission. So I’m going to wait a while and see how it fares. If it starts to flake or chip, I’ll repair and seal. If it holds up, I’ll leave it be.

One Room Challenge Wardrobe before

Next job on the tasks list is to tackle the wardrobe. I’m not looking forward to this one. I want to sand it back to its original finish but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it just right. (And I will be a perfectionist on this job.) If I don’t then it’ll be another paint job. And I’ll need the weather to play ball as I’ll have to take it outside for the sanding. Here in the west of Ireland it’s looking like a wettish week ahead. Not super wet, but not dry enough for this job.

If the weather doesn’t play ball, I can always move on to the wall above the bed. Although I like a good bit of negative space in the bedroom as it’s more restful, given how low the headboard is I feel something is needed above it. I don’t really want a painting above my head though. For a long time I thought about a wall hanging and just didn’t find the right one.

However, I’m now thinking about a paint effect instead. I have something simple in mind. The biggest element is clearing out the contents of the bed (it’s an ottoman storage bed) so I can move it. There’ll be more skirting painting to be done when I get to that stage too!

So hopefully this time next week I’ll have one of these two jobs completed. Now I’m off to get some inspiration from some of the other One Room Challenge participants. You can do the same by following #bhgorc on Instagram and the blog posts on the official site here. You might notice that everyone else is posting their Week 3 updates—I started a week late. There’s five more weeks to go in the challenge, so plenty of inspiration to come.

Please check back in here next week to see how I’m getting on, and thanks for reading!

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