So I didn’t manage to post last week. In my defense, that is not because I had nothing done—I swear! Rather, I was too busy sanding and painting and varnishing…and at the end of each day I was too tired for typing.

Week 3 was a wet week here, as predicted, so perfect weather for indoor painting. That meant tackling the skirting behind the bed and the large negative space above the bed. Which in turn meant spring cleaning and decluttering the contents of the under-bed storage before I could move it out of the way. (Said contents are still being sorted through and half of them are taking up space in the hallway while I work my way through them.)

Generally I quite like having plenty of negative wall space in the bedroom. It leads to a more restful space if we have fewer visual distractions. And in Feng Shui it isn’t recommended to have artwork hanging over your head while you sleep, which I get. But I’ve always wanted something on this wall, as the headboard is low and the space above just feels too empty.

For a long time I was looking for a perfect wall hanging, but I never did find it. This challenge however has pushed me to finish all the little things I want to complete in this room, for once and for all. And revisiting what to do with this space I was finally inspired in a way that feels just right.

One room challenge week 3

As you can see, it’s a very simple colour block in a triangular shape. Don’t look too closely though as the edges need some tidying up. I didn’t tape it off as when I was removing the masking tape above the skirtings, it stripped the paint off in some sections. A paint shop expert once told me that when this happens, it’s due to the quality of the paint—and not necessarily the top coat. If any coat of paint on the wall was poor quality, there is the risk of sticky surfaces stripping it back to the plaster when we remove it! (Side rant: beware of “renter-friendly hacks” such as command strips and removable wallpaper. They are NOT universally safe and guaranteed to come away damage-free, despite their claims.)

Moral of the story is, I was afraid to use tape as, should it strip away the paint in this area it would be a disaster. So, tidying up the rough edges is a job for the coming week.

Luckily the sun came out once I was ready to move on and face the biggest job: refurbishing my vintage wardrobe. After a week of wet and cold weather, I grabbed the opportunity last Tuesday to take the wardrobe outside and try sanding it back to the original plywood finish.

With the help of a powerful sanding belt I was able to get the dark staining off completely. Sadly though, I couldn’t remove what looked like old mildew marks. While I had hoped to be able to oil the stripped wood, I was also prepared for not being able to get all the staining off. And so I did have a Plan B—to paint the wardrobe dark grey instead.

But in light of the change of color plan with the door and skirting, I decided to revise the colour plan for the wardrobe too. I thought the dark grey alongside the dark grey-green would all be too much along the one wall. So really we’re talking about Plan C here…I decided to paint it the same colour as the wall (a dusty pink).

My hardware shop wasn’t able to mix the colour for me in a satinwood finish and when I mentioned I had enough of the wall emulsion left for the job, he suggested I go with that and top it off with a satin finish varnish.

And that’s what I did…except it added another day to the process to allow for applying that coat AND its drying time. (Before any under-coating, painting or varnishing I also treated the mildew, and I varnished the inside as well as the outside to protect against any future mustiness creeping in.) I painted the inlay gold as per the original Plan B.

one room challenge week 4

So my wardrobe spent three days and three nights out the back. Luckily there wasn’t a drop of rain. And I’m pleased with the change-of-mind on the colour front.

There’s three weeks left and in theory I’ve only a few minor tasks to complete. Switching out the curtains, rug and lamps may prove tricky though. I’m trying to do this circular-ly, as in using what I have or sourcing second hand where I can, and only buying new when those avenues have been exhausted. I’m on the hunt for second-hand options but I’m not overly optimistic about sourcing what I want within the next three weeks. I may have to get extra creative with what I have in the house.

Here’s an update of my tasks list:

  • Paint the third coat on the wall facing my bed.
  • Paint the door, skirting and architrave – pale grey…make that grey-green.
  • Paint the radiator – that will be the same as the wall.
  • Makeover the vintage wardrobe, which I love. But I don’t love the dark stain a previous owner gave it. My plan is to sand it back to it’s original finish, if I can, and oil. If that doesn’t turn out too well, Plan B is to paint it grey, with gold on the door inserts.
  • Sand and paint the window sill.
  • Paint the mirror gold.
  • Add some artwork to the walls.
  • Change up the curtains.
  • Swap the bedside rugs for a large area rug.
  • Change up the bedside lamps.
  • Other finishing touches – yet to be decided.

Thanks for reading and please check-in again next week to see how I’m progressing.

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