Are you about to put your property up for sale or rent?

Is it already on the market, but languishing there too long?

If so, I offer a consultation service to help you prepare for going on the market, or get things moving if there has been little interest to date. staging

During the consultation we will address: staging to sell

  • How your home’s presentation may be affecting its appeal to your target buyers/renters.

  • The reasons you feel your property is slow to sell.

  • How you (or other members of your household) may be subconsciously sabotaging the sale.

  • Remedies for all of the above.

Recommended changes don’t necessarily need to be drastic or dramatic – sometimes simply dressing the space and rearranging the furniture layout will make a world of difference.

​Other times recommendations might include repainting and completing DIY tasks. (For Irish-based clients I offer an optional project management service plus property styling for the target market. For international clients, I can only provide suggested improvements.*)

If we unearth some subconscious sabotage, some inner work on your part will be needed and I can suggest some techniques to help with that. staging

Consultations take place over skype/zoom, or in person (Ireland only – may incur additional travel expenses, depending on location) and cost €55 per session. Allow up to an hour and a quarter for your appointment.

*Fees for project management and/or staging to sell vary and can be provided following initial consultation if you wish to take up that option.